The Week That Was

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Never a dull moment here in least before the end of the legislative session. New York remains on the brink of passing legislation which would authorize sports betting in New York. While recent news suggests that a deal is likely off the table for this session, we at FWC like to never say never.

The Siena College Research Institute poll released Wednesday showed that Cynthia Nixon was lagging behind Governor Cuomo in a big way. How much things will change between now and November remains to be seen but at the moment, the Nixon campaign seems to be a few cosmos short of a party.

It also appears that Attorney General Barbara Underwood is picking up where her predecessor left off. AG Underwood filed suit against the Donald J. Trump Foundation on Thursday, alleging illegal transactions and nefarious political coordination. President Trump got to work on Twitter in true fashion; entertainment ensued.

For all of you readers out there who enjoy watching the beautiful game, let us rejoice in the glory that is the World Cup…My money is on Brazil.

Without further ado, I present you with another edition of “The Week That Was”.