The Week That Was

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How about we start this week off with some lighter news. Here we go: Does anyone remember the summer of 2015 when Usain Bolt won the 200m sprint competing in the World Athletic Championships, and then was suddenly run into by a cameraman on a Segway scooter?! If not, you can watch the wreck here. Classic victory lap right? Now, do me a favor and fast forward to earlier this week where Bolt was standing on the steps of New York City Hall promoting you know what… scooters! The world class sprinter is now the brand ambassador for Bolt Mobility, a company that is lobbying to pass legislation which would allow electric scooters in New York. JCOPE records show Bolt Mobility is paying $15,000 a month for a lobbyist. I can only imagine how much money they’re paying their brand ambassador.

In other news, the State Assembly and Senate both approved their one house budget resolutions this week but not without strong criticism from Governor Cuomo and his administration, resulting in numerous twitter wars, and targeted statements between elected officials and their respected spokesperson. The climax came on Thursday, when Cuomo’s top budget official released a statement highlighting the Legislature’s failure to propose a balanced budget. Division of Budget Director Robert Mujica called the Senate’s proposal “wholly incredible” for raising spending by almost $3.5 billion without corresponding spending cuts or tax increases. With the next incremental salary increase for legislators contingent on the passage of an on time budget, is Governor Cuomo angling for a missed deadline?

And lastly, are experience and loyalty becoming bad qualities to have in New York State politics? It’s been reported that the group that helped Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeat veteran Joe Crowley is threatening to back other insurgents against Democrats in the Assembly next year. According to the Post, the New York City chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America is part of a coalition against the co-chairs of the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee, Joe Lentol and Peter Abbate of Brooklyn and Jeff Dinowitz of the Bronx, if they don’t adopt a more pro-tenant, pro-labor agenda, sources said.

Well at least we know Joe Crowley will be enjoying this St. Patrick’s Day weekend. We hope you do as well, cheers.

And without further ado, I present you with another edition of “The Week That Was.”