Governmental Relations

The principals of FWC are uniquely qualified to provide expert guidance and advice to shape and direct an effective governmental relations program. We work with the executive branch and its agencies, the New York State legislature, public authorities, and all facets of county, city, and town governments to achieve the goals of our clients.

Clients are offered a full range of services including development and passage of legislative initiatives; efforts to amend or defeat proposed legislation; public relations; coalition building and grassroots development; monitoring of bill introductions, committee agendas, calendars, chapter laws, regulatory proposals, and hearing notices; and working with individual legislators and local governmental officials on projects affecting their districts and communities.

FWC also provides marketing and sales expertise for companies looking to the public sector for business opportunities. We assist clients in developing a detailed marketing strategy for both state and local governments and assist in arranging meetings to promote our clients and their products or services.

We provide these strategies to a broad spectrum of individual companies and organizations including those involved in the construction, transportation, technology, financial services, health care, environmental, manufacturing, insurance, energy, economic development, and computer industries.


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